For micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and accounting offices, we recommend CDN OPTIMA system, representing an integrated solution for a variety of companies. It can be purchased in promotional packages.

Comarch Optima

We dedicate to micro companies Micro Company CDN OPTIMA START package, including the program for invoicing and accounting of payments.

Alternatively, start-up companies can have a 10% discount on the purchase of other CDN OPTIMA modules. Learn more »

Comarch Optima

For small enterprises, we offer a promotional Small Company CDN OPTIMA START package to conduct sales and simplified accounting or Company CDN OPTIMA START for sales and inventory accounting. More about CDN Optima »

The users can work on CDN OPTIMA and CDN XL systems remotely over the Internet. It is possible owing to the CDN service online. More information about CDN »

Comarch CDN XL

For medium and large companies, we recommend ERP – CDN XL class system, most often purchased in Poland.

We dedicate CDN XL with its full functionality to Polish and international large enterprises with special needs, which are looking for ERP class solutions. This system supports efficient operation of retail chains, distribution companies, and businesses from various industries, among others: chemical, construction, furniture and food sectors.
More about CDN XL »