About the company

Outpro company was founded in Szczecin in 2006. From the outset, our outsourcing business has been focused on the IT industry. Owing to years of experience in the field of IT services, as well as the team of highly qualified employees, we provide outsourcing at the highest level.

Our main goal is comprehensive services for IT companies. We ensure our customers confidence and freedom in functioning through the implementation of proven products and services for businesses. Our employees are highly qualified, and their skills are confirmed by certificates of IT industry branch leaders (Microsoft, Novell, Cisco and Comarch). We are an authorised partner of the leading producers of hardware and software.

Why cooperate with us?

We want our customers to feel safe and be aware that they can ask for support in any case.

That is why we provide expert advice and care for reliable operation of devices and networks. We offer professional and optimum IT services tailored to the needs of your business. Through systematic tasks focused on verification of the correctness of IT infrastructure, troubleshooting and rapid response in the event of emergency, we guarantee job security and optimise the operation of your enterprise. Our offer presents the best opportunity to reduce costs and improve the quality of business operations. Through outsourcing, we give your company more freedom and confidence in business operations.

How do we operate?

The service consultant waits for notification. You phone, send an email or use the online failure reporting system.

The service technician proceeds to repair damage. If it cannot be removed remotely, the technician visits the customer and performs necessary operations. IT service ensures the continuity of your business.

What makes us different?

IT outsourcing is a reliable and robust solution for the companies and businesses ranging from the smallest to the largest ones. IT services rendered by us is complex, we do not leave our customers to their own devices. Our computer service, whether in your company, and, if necessary, at OutPro, allows to maintain your computer equipment in working order. We offer you the latest and proven software dedicated to companies, as well as a range of services aimed at ensuring data security, speed and reliability.

Business is people

Our staff is a team of carefully selected professionals with extensive knowledge and experience, attested to by numerous certificates. The competencies of our employees are confirmed by the following titles: Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified System Administrator and Novell.

Bezpośrednie dane kontaktowe

Company address
ul. Kapitańska 2, 71-602 Szczecin
NIP: 852-249-79-89
Konto bankowe: PKO BP S.A.
04 1020 4795 0000 9202 0137 4818

tel.: 91 433 44 95
e-mail: info@outpro.pl

Sales department
Marcin Andrzejewski
tel.: 515 298 500
e-mail: handlowy@outpro.pl

IT department
Tomasz Jańczuk
tel.: 501 195 915
tel. alarmowy: 512 444 868 (only for OutPro customers)
e-mail: informatyczny@outpro.pl

Internet services department
(websites, SEO/SEM services)
Adam Andrzejewski
tel.: 91 434 15 17
e-mail: a.andrzejewski@outpro.pl