The effective functioning of the company in an open market of the European Union requires sophisticated, yet friendly tools, which, in addition to the possibility of recording economic events, present a complete picture of operational and financial activities of the company.

Modular structure

Modular structure ensures full integration and allows for flexible adjustment of functionality of the program to the needs of each company. As business grows, CDN OPTIMA program can be extended by other elements. It allows to maintain flexibility - one of the many advantages of IT OutSourcing.

Rental of the program through the Internet

A unique feature of the program is that it can be rented over the Internet through ASP - CDN Online platform (www.comarch.pl/cdnonline). CDN Online supports modern business management and reduces the costs associated with computerisation of the company. Through the Internet, the Users get access to information about the company from any place in the world 24 hours a day. Therefore, they can offer higher quality of services and efficient customer service.

CDN OPTIMA offers such a solution – the program is always compliant with provisions. It is used for management, handling of sales, accounting, human resources and payroll. The program supports running small and medium companies. The Accounting Office additionally dedicated module supports the management of the accounting office at all stages of customer service. CDN OPTIMA is designed for Microsoft Windows. It allows to work in a single location and offers effective networking. The system is compatible with external devices such as: cash registers, fiscal, label and barcode printers as well as touch panels.

Ergonomic and friendly program interface makes it easier for advanced users and beginners to work with the CDN OPTIMA system. They can use the context-sensitive support built into the program or use the CDN ASYSTA service.


CDN OPTIMA program is equipped with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 modern technology, providing reliability and safe data.

CDN OPTIMA is also compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows 7 operational system.

SQL Server, Windows 7